As a United States federal law, the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) establishes a comprehensive framework for securing government information, operations, and assets. Find out how access control capabilities delivered by the Portnox Cloud can play a significant role in supporting and aligning with the FISMA security and data protection requirements.


DYK? Portnox simplifies FISMA security compliance.

Access Control

With the Portnox Cloud, organizations can enforce access controls by verifying and validating the compliance of devices before granting them network access. This ensures that only authorized and compliant devices can connect to the network, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

Risk Management

Better manage risk by identifying and assessing the security posture of devices seeking network access with Portnox. Find out how the platform performs health checks, evaluate the presence of up-to-date security patches, antivirus software, and more to ensure devices meet the organization's security requirements as mandated by FISMA.

Continuous Monitoring

With an up-to-date inventory of assets (or devices) connected to the network, Portnox delivers real-time visibility into network activities, monitors device behavior, and detecting anomalies, suspicious activities, and potential risks posed by devices. This helps in promptly identifying potential security incidents or policy violations.

Incident Response

Portnox's zero trust access control solution can support incident response efforts by providing contextual information about devices and their network behavior. It can help in quickly isolating compromised or infected devices, restricting their network access, and initiating appropriate remediation actions to mitigate the impact of security incidents.

Compliance Reporting

With Portnox, you can detect at-risk devices and either prevent them from connecting to the network or remove them completely, helping you stay in compliance with access control policies 24/7. Detailed audit logs and compliance reports of this activity is immediately available and can assist in demonstrating compliance with FISMA requirements during audits and security assessments.

IAM Integration

The Portnox Cloud can integrate with IAM systems like Azure Active Directory, Okta, and more to enforce user authentication and authorization policies. By integrating with IAM, Portnox can ensure that users are granted appropriate access privileges based on their roles and responsibilities, further strengthening access controls and aligning with FISMA requirements.

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Frequently asked questions about FISMA cybersecurity regulation.

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