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Unite zero trust access control with the rest of your critical security stack with the Portnox API.

The rise of APIs (Application Programming Interface) like REST and SOAP have made it possible for a variety of software to pass information back and forth with much less lifting on the development side. From a security perspective, it’s critically important your tools work together – having a set of disparate tools that don’t communicate with each other is bound to leave you exposed. Thankfully the Portnox API supports a wide variety of integrations.

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The Portnox API can help cut down on time spent getting your network security up and running.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours on the phone with support, trying to get all your different security tools to work together...or spending more than the solution actually costs on professional services to achieve this same goal. Portnox has several out-of-the-box integrations for a variety of vendors – from Aruba to Zytel, we’ll integrate into the fabric of your zero trust security architecture.

The Portnox API can bring all your zero trust security tools together.

From identity providers to MDM and SIEM solutions, Portnox fits right in. We have several out-of-the-box guides for the most common integrations, and we’ll help you get everything up and running so you can rest assured your network is protected.

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