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Don't Delay Zero Trust
Don’t Delay Zero Trust! There’s Too Much at Stake.
In recent years, the concept of "Zero Trust" has gained significant traction as an effective security strategy for businesses looking to protect their assets and data. But despite the benefits of Zero Trust, many companies still delay its implementation, putting themselves at risk. We'll explore why companies shouldn't delay Zero Trust and the potential consequences of doing so.
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IoMT Device
FDA Bans Sale of IoMT Devices That Fail Cybersecurity Requirements
The FDA has issued new cybersecurity guidelines for medical devices in response to growing concerns about cyber threats to internet-connected products used in healthcare settings. These guidelines are part of the $1.7 trillion federal omnibus spending bill signed by President Joe Biden in December.
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Cost of a data breach
The Real Cost of a Data Breach
Beyond the financial ramifications of a breach, it could compromise your reputation and the trust of your customers. In fact, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of a cyber attack. In addition to the financial losses, enterprises would have to contend with the cost of the following:
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Cyber Insurance
What You Need To Know About Cyber Insurance & Zero Trust
As enterprises attempt to navigate an ever-evolving security landscape, it can be challenging to protect everything. In addition, the recent uptick in cyberattacks has highlighted the need for multiple layers of security. Because of this concern, most large organizations have obtained cyber security insurance.
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Guest & Contractor Management
How to Implement Zero Trust with Limited Means
Today, organizations continue to struggle with how to implement zero trust. One of the greatest misnomers in cybersecurity is that zero trust is an expensive and complex set of products or tools businesses must attach to their network to protect themselves against the broadening threat landscape. However, Zero Trust is not physical. Rather, it is…
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Are Passwords a Threat to Enterprise Security?
Enterprise security attackers are growing in number and sophistication. Organizations are only one password away from it being their worst day. To that point, is it time to ditch all those annoying, hackable passwords and live in a passwordless society? Passwords have been the primary method of authentication for decades. While they have served their…
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network access control nac portnox
Implementing Zero Trust Requires Network Access Control (NAC)
Network Access Control (NAC) combined with zero trust can help organizations reduce their security risk and improve their security posture.
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tiktok security portnox
TikTok Security Concerns in the Workplace
TikTok, the viral social media app centered around short videos and owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, is coming under intense scrutiny. By now, many of us have seen a TikTok video filmed in someone’s workplace—those “day in the life” clips or rants about coworkers, supervisors, or customers. Or you may have seen a video…
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Everything You Need to Know About Certificate-Based Authentication
No ID? No Entry. Certificate-based authentication is a way for a computer system to verify your identity using a digital certificate instead of a traditional username and password. Think of it like a driver’s license. When you go to a bar or a liquor store, you need to prove that you’re old enough to buy…
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zero trust edge portnox
How Zero Trust Strengthens the Software Supply Chain
The escalation of digital transformation since the beginning of the pandemic has forced us to rethink cybersecurity and the software supply chain. As the global supply chain becomes more interconnected and complex, organizations are increasingly turning to third-party software supply chain providers to streamline operations, reduce costs, and offer a full stack of solutions. However,…
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Using Your Own Tools Against You: The Rise of Living-Off-the-Land (LOTL) Attacks
While some cyber-attacks announce their presence like a blaring siren, others fly quietly under the radar. This presents a significant challenge for network security teams, who are already battling increasingly frequent, sophisticated, and severe attacks. One cunning technique that has gained considerable traction in recent years is Living-Off-The-Land (LOTL) attacks. Here, threat actors use an…
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Why Enterprises Must Implement a Third-Party Data Risk Management Strategy
What’s the very last thing a business wants to tell its customers? Without a doubt, it’s that their data may have been compromised due to a third-party vendor data breach. Today’s cyber landscape is more complex, riskier, and costlier than ever. Most cybersecurity experts and professionals know a majority of cyber breaches are the result…
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