New Fingerprint Authentication Method & Policy

Fingerprint Authentication

One of the unique authentication methods employed by Portnox CORE is the OS (Operating System) Fingerprint, also known as the OSFP authentication method. The value of OSFP is that during deployment you can create the fingerprint for YOUR devices, thereby making sure that if someone were to plug a similar device to the type that you use, CORE would recognize that it is not one of yours and would block it from accessing the network.
The process entails three steps:

  1. Fingerprint the endpoint
  2. Add an authentication method based on that fingerprint
  3. Add the authentication method to the enterprise policies

It is recommended to authenticate the following types of endpoints via OSFP: VoIP phones, printers, different types of appliances and any IP based device that cannot be authenticate via Domain, Workgroup, SSH or SNMP.

Watch this video to learn more:

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