Portnox Joins MSPAlliance, Signifying Continued Commitment to Delivering Enterprise-Grade Wifi Security & Network Access Control Solutions via Managed Service Providers

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With MSPAlliance membership, Portnox aims to strengthen cyber security for businesses via MSPs, & to further democratize cloud-delivered, enterprise-grade wifi security & NAC-as-a-Service solutions

NEW YORK–Portnox, a market leader for enterprise-grade wifi security, network visibility, access control and device risk management solutions, today announced that it has joined MSPAlliance. With more than 30,000 cloud computing and managed service provider (MSP) corporate members, MSPAlliance has grown to become the largest industry association and certification body for cloud computing and managed service professionals.

As a member of MSPAlliance, Portnox seeks to help MSPs deliver simplified enterprise-grade network security solutions to their clients in the cloud – solutions that, until now, were often too complicated to deploy, too difficult to manage and not worth the financial investment. With Portnox CLEAR, the market-leading NAC-as-a-service solution, Portnox is enabling companies to tighten network access control, gain complete visibility into the devices connected to their networks, eliminate network threats in real-time and more.

“With cyber security threats on the rise globally, we believe every company deserves enterprise-grade solutions for wifi security and network access control without having to jump through the hoops associated with complicated configurations and prolonged deployments. We’re confident that in joining MSPAlliance, we will enable many of today’s leading organizations in Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing and beyond to effectively secure their networks and eliminate significant losses – both data and financial – that occur as a result of insecure corporate networks each year,” says Portnox CEO Ofer Amitai.

Today, many organizations both large and small still rely on pre-shared passkeys to access their wifi networks. As such, MSPs are typically called up to update passkeys when employees from their clients’ companies leave. Portnox CLEAR provides a superior grade of security based on the 802.1X standard. With CLEAR, MSPs and their clients alike don’t need to endure complicated and expensive deployment processes. Rather, MSPs can now offer their customers affordable identity-based or certificate-based device authentication and network access through Portnox’s seamless multi-tenant MSP client portal.

MSPAlliance holds its annual MSPWorld Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 9-11, 2019, where Portnox will serve as a sponsor alongside Citrix, Dell, Leonovus and more. For more information about Portnox’s sponsorship at MSPWorld, or to meet on-site with a Portnox representative, please visit Portnox’s website.

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