IoT Fingerprinting

Identify & Profile IoT Devices
with Pinpoint Accuracy.

Introducing the first cloud-native, AI-powered IoT fingerprinting solution designed for zero-trust security models.

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It’s time to address IoT security concerns

The Internet of Things has become pervasive in everyday life on both a personal and professional level.  By 2030, experts expect there to be 50 billion IoT devices connected to the internet. 

IoT device proliferation has ushered in a new host of cybersecurity challenges and has made it increasingly imperative for IT to develop a better understanding of what IoT is in use across the organization. 

Stay ahead of IoT security threats with Portnox – now with AI-powered IoT fingerprinting capabilities.

Let’s do something about
Shadow IoT

As useful as IoT devices are, they present unique challenges to network administrators.  They are designed to easily join any wireless network, which means they can sometimes be installed without getting IT’s authorization first. This is so common, it has a name – Shadow IoT.   

Since these devices don’t support additional software installs like agents, and they don’t use typical network monitoring methods like SNMP, detecting them can be difficult. Having Shadow IoT devices on your network can increase your attack surface, since IoT vendors don’t always follow security best practices and upgrading the OS or firmware can be a pain.   

Portnox can help you get the Shadow IoT target off your back. 

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80% of IT teams discovered Shadow IoT devices on their network.

Fully cloud-native IoT fingerprinting & profiling

Precision accurate IoT device IDs

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Portnox can now detect and identify all your IoT devices, giving you real-time visibility into every device that’s on your network. No more wondering if that random MAC address is the 3rd floor printer, or a hacker trying to break through the firewall. Easily see the device type, manufacturer, OS, version, and more!

We recognize over 260,000 unique IoT device models across 27,000 different brands and 30,000 operating systems, with more being added every day. Portnox NAC-as-a-Service uses multiple different passive fingerprint methods that combine to give us 95% accuracy in profiling IoT devices.

Nothing to install.
Nothing to maintain.

The best part – IoT Fingerprinting requires no extra setup and nothing on-premise to install! That means our Portnox customers can get up and running in a snap, with all the benefits of a cloud-native access solution, including automated risk mitigation, seamless integration with your existing security tools, no vendor-specific requirements, and no maintenance windows or late-night patches.

No Maintenance Ever