Portnox AgentP - An Add-On to Portnox CLEAR

If you could isolate risk-prone devices & remediate them instantly, wouldn't you want to?

With AgentP, organizations can bolster their zero-trust security strategy by employing a variety of device-related security functionalities to maintain 24/7 network security compliance.


Risky business is a movie, not what should be happening on the corporate network

Monitor the risk posture of all devices connected on- or off-campus, looking at factors such as the state of the device's of antivirus, firewall, its current geolocation and more.

Device risk is monitored within Portnox CLEAR via AgentP based on the gathering of hundreds of different device parameters, and can be deployed across Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and OSX devices

If it aint' broke, don’t fix it. If it is, do something about it!

With Portnox CLEAR and AgentP, network administrators can bring endpoints (whether on- or off-campus) back into compliance automatically based on internal policy settings.

Select from an extensive list of remediation criteria in accordance with your own unique compliance policies to ensure that all devices on the network meet the minimum health status thresholds.

Once remediation policies are set, sit back with confidence knowing that all users will remain compliant with network access regulations.


Provisioning, integrations, and enrollment…oh my!

AgentP allows for device provisioning and enrollment, and agents can be installed via self-enrollment or in un-attended mode using third-party management products (e.g. JAMF, GPO, Intune).

Lastly, Portnox CLEAR offers a RESTful API, allowing for a number of third-party integrations designed to make your cybersecurity stack operate more intelligently.

Do you use Microsoft Intune?
Here's how AgentP compares...

AgentP offers a number of configuration, risk assessment, and compliance enforcement benefits beyond what Microsoft Intune provides out of the box.

Take an in-depth look at how AgentP stands up to Intune, and better understand the technical ins and outs of how AgentP ensures 24/7 network protection.

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