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portnox ransomware crisis
The Impacts of the Ransomware Crisis on IT Teams
It’s no secret that IT teams are on the front lines of a rapidly evolving cyber-threat landscape. The ransomware crisis is raging, with attacks escalating in frequency, magnitude, and sophistication. This has impacted IT teams in multiple ways, including increased pressure to keep pace with the latest threats, complicating existing data protection efforts, and hindering…
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iam security portnox
How Cloud IAM Security Vulnerabilities Are Being Exploited
What is IAM Security? IAM is an abbreviation for identity access management. Identity access management systems allow your organization to manage employee applications without checking in to each app as an administrator. IAM security solutions allow organizations to manage a variety of identities, including people, software, and hardware.   IAM Infrastructure Over the past few years, businesses…
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iot device management portnox
IoT Device Management & The Critical Role of NAC 
Introduction  IoT (Internet of Things) is a revolutionary technology with tremendously promising potential impact. It has grown exponentially, from industry to home, and the number of IoT devices will likely keep rising. However, this new technology also raises security concerns. As these devices become prevalent in the public sector and the home, IT specialists must…
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switch commander portnox
Introducing Switch Commander – Portnox’s Free Tool For Switch Monitoring & Management
Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts – The Daily Slog The word “hero” gets thrown around a lot, but not usually for your average Network Administrator. However, if people knew how much work it truly takes to keep your corporate network humming along (securely, of course), there would probably be a national holiday. Maybe even…
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iomt portnox
Why the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Needs Better Security
In today’s world,  high-security breaches face every sector, and the medical industry is no exception. The myriad of internet-connected medical devices and hospital networks  designed for the improvement of health care services, also drive the  increasing risk of security threats and vulnerabilities.   The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released several safety communications highlighting …
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principle of least privilege portnox
How to Leverage the Principle of Least Privilege for Stronger Network Security
The principle of least privilege (PoLP) is an information security concept that gives applications or users minimum required network permissions to perform their jobs. Therefore, PoLP is an important aspect of privilege access management (PAM).  Implementing the principle of least privilege provides network security by avoiding needless exposure. For example, a user and employee access…
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ot security portnox
Enhancing OT Security Without Disrupting Operations
What is Operational Technology? Cybersecurity has come a long way in the recent past. Its importance is felt in all aspects of modern life, both personal and industrial. The current digital and network advancements are steadily pushing Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) towards integration. While IT systems interact with each other for data-centric…
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ransomware attacks portnox
Why Is the Healthcare Industry the Most Likely To Pay Cybercriminals for Ransomware Attacks?
Times are looking more brutal than ever for one of the world’s most critical industries. Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing, and healthcare organizations are increasingly cut off from much-needed cybersecurity insurance.   But just how bad is the situation? A recent Sophos survey found that 66% of healthcare organizations were hit with a ransomware attack in 2021,…
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quantum threats portnox
CISA Urges Organizations to Prepare For Future Quantum Threats
As the world anticipates quantum computing, many believe it has potential benefits for every industry. Equally excited and awaiting its rollout is the hacker community who could use these powerful quantum computers to compromise the digital systems we use daily including online banking and email software    The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)…
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digital certificates portnox
Digital Certificates & ChromeOS – NAC to the Rescue! 
The phrase “game-changer” may get thrown around a bit too much, but it’s fair to say that when Google released ChromeOS and the Chromebook in 2011, it revolutionized the portable computer market. It had an especially large impact on the education market; by 2018 60% of all computers used in schools were Chromebooks.   Thanks to…
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passwordless authentication portnox
Passwordless Authentication: A Paradigm Shift in Security
Passwordless authentication appears to be the new belle of the ball amongst tech experts. Of course, the reasons all bother on the general challenges experienced by security companies and businesses. 
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zero trust security model portnox
Implementing & Maintaining a Zero Trust Security Model for Your Enterprise
Protecting a company’s assets is becoming quite expensive. Many enterprises often carefully assess potential new solutions before deciding to venture into the technology. However, as costly as some of these solutions come, protecting all digital assets remains paramount.  The zero trust security model has in fact been around for years. It is a strategy that…
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