Introducing Portnox CLEAR: A SaaS Solution for Network Visibility & Risk Management

Portnox CLEAR

Portnox CLEAR™ is a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that delivers continuous, off and on premises risk monitoring of all of your endpoints.  It assigns a risk score across all device access, assesses their risk levels and takes actions in real time. You’ll even get a customized report featuring device-specific risk profiling each day.

CLEAR’s portal can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

CLEARPosture Assessment

Ask any superhero: The best defense is a good offense. CLEAR’s groundbreaking technology keeps the bad guys trying to access your network out, only letting the ‘good’ guys, or approved users in. With CLEAR’s continuous device risk profiling, IT teams can breathe easier with increased awareness and an understanding of the dangers endpoints pose to the network, before they join or while utilizing the network.

CLEAR allows for access and compliance controls across wired, wireless, virtual and VPN networks. With automated and manual risk-based access controls and actions at your disposal, its easy to keep your network safe.

CLEAR  Automated Secure Network Access

With CLEAR you can ensure that each employee’s endpoint is assigned a unique set of revocable credentials to access your network. Those credentials are valid only on that specific endpoint.

Migration from WPA-PSK to EAP-TLS based on 802.1x is simple. All you need to do is configure Portnox CLEAR as the authentication/RADIUS server for your wireless access point, VPN or switch. For VPN networks, Portnox CLEAR adds another layer of protection in the form of two factor authentication. On top of the Active Directory authentication for accessing VPN, users can be required to enter a randomly generated token.

Customized device and compliance reports are delivered to your inbox every day. Track network vulnerabilities with detailed overviews and endpoint-specific risk profiling. Become aware of potential risky devices before they join the network, or remove them from the network once they start to act up.

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