The gold standard protocol for network access control (NAC) is the foundation of portnox's security solutions.

As our networks change to encompass remote work, IoT devices, and BYOD, NAC software has stood the test of time to keep networks secure. What makes NAC so great? 802.1X - the standard for port-based authentication. In the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, zero trust security is key - and a NAC is a crucial part of any zero trust security strategy.


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802.1X authentication portnox

802.1X authentication: Tried & true network security.

Portnox Cloud uses 802.1X because it has not only stood the test of time, but remains the gold standard. 802.1X was developed in 2001 and has survived thanks to the flexibility it provides when used in conjunction with a NAC along with the security of the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). Take your access control beyond just usernames and passwords with certificate-based authentication, MAC-Based filtering, and role-based access.


Forrester Trends Report Lock down the network! Until you have NAC...

Network Access Control (NAC) has played a pivotal role in cybersecurity for some time, though its implementation memories might not always be fond. However, its role in a robust security architecture is still critical today. Security decision-makers are at the forefront, collaboratively working with network teams to weave NAC capabilities into the very fabric of organizations' security strategies. Forrester’s new report is a must-read for security leaders. It offers a fresh perspective on the evolution of NAC and provides practical guidance on effectively integrating NAC capabilities into your security environment.

Frequently asked questions about 802.1X.

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