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principle of least privilege portnox
How to Leverage the Principle of Least Privilege for Stronger Network Security
The principle of least privilege (PoLP) is an information security concept that gives applications or users minimum required network permissions to perform their jobs. Therefore, PoLP is an important aspect of privilege access management (PAM).  Implementing the principle of least privilege provides network security by avoiding needless exposure. For example, a user and employee access…
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enhancing security portnox
6 Tips for Enhancing Security Across Your Remote Workforce
Before the pandemic, 17% of employees in the US worked from home five days or more per week – a share that catapulted to 44% during the pandemic, and more than 60% after the pandemic.  The COVID-19 pandemic climaxed the remote working trend, as workers were forced to work from home – a trend that…
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portnox cisco meraki
Portnox & Cisco Meraki: Better Together When Securing & Controlling Access for Cloud Managed IT
The Rise of Cloud Managed IT Digital transformation is engulfing enterprise IT, with many legacy solutions migrating to the cloud. Paired with the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud adoption and mobile workforce trends, CISOs, network admins and IT teams are faced with new and complex challenges in securing their risk-based perimeter. As that…
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zero trust ztna portnox
How To Use SASE To Establish & Enable Zero-Trust Network Access
As working environments evolve, we must rethink our network security approach. The traditional “castle-and-moat” network security model, where everyone inside the network is trusted by default, but no one outside can access the data inside, is no longer fit for purpose. Faced with cloud computing, virtualization, and remote working, having a clear perimeter protecting a…
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802.1x portnox
802.1x: The Gold Standard of Network Authentication Protocols
What is 802.1x? IEEE 802.1x is a standard for port-based network access control (PNAC) that determines how to manage authentication for endpoints to connect to each other on a LAN. It can be used to manage access for both wired and wireless networks. It is broadly utilized at both company headquarters and branch enterprise networks to…
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nac portnox
NAC, SDP, ZTNA & The Future of Access Control
The Future of Access Control For over a decade, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been providing businesses with secure access for remote workers and end users. As cyberthreats become more rampant and dangerous, communication and network requirements are continuously changing in response. VPNs have begun to show their limited capabilities as they fail to address…
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bbac portnox
Leveraging Machine Learning for Behavior-Based Access Control
Enterprises today need to be able to interact dynamically and share information with the right people at the right time. As a result, organizations continually add more interconnected systems to their network to allow information to be readily accessible to those that need it.   However, while this interconnectedness is crucial for modern businesses to thrive,…
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secure network access portnox
How Organizations Can Properly Secure Network Access for Remote Workforces
IT security policies have traditionally been perimeter-based, primarily concerned with the network activity within their own office and corporate network. While remote work certainly existed before, it has now become a standard – even an expectation among employees – no matter the industry or job function.  This rapid expansion of remote workforces has created significant…
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portnox cloud-native nac
Leading UK Loan Lender Deploys Portnox Cloud-Native NAC Across 75 Sites
Everyday Loans is the UK’s leading independent loan lender, operating dozens of branches across the country and boasting a personal, hands-on approach to lending, uncommon in today’s digitally anonymous financial services industry. Today, personal lending in the UK has grown to become an industry approaching 24 billion GBP, with recent acceleration due to widespread financial…
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802.1x nac portnox
Cyber Security Essential #2: 802.1x Network Access Control
Why is 802.1x Network Access Control Essential? 802.1x network access control is a technology that enables organizations to enact its own unique policy for how and when endpoints (desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc.) can connect to their corporate networks. NAC solutions are typically designed to allow IT security teams to gain visibility of each device trying…
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device proliferation byod
Winning the War Against Hackers in the Face Of Device Proliferation
Expanding Network Edges & Device Proliferation With the advent of COVID-19, an enormous push to hybrid work changed the threat landscape. Many more activities have become remote, and therefore more reliant on and demanding of secure remote network connections. As more organizations expand their hybrid workforce models, the network edge continues to push out and…
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ise replacement portnox
Food Company Replaces Cisco ISE with Portnox Cloud-Native NAC
New Jersey-based Schuman Cheese has a long, storied history of delivering world-class cheese products to the U.S. market. Operating across several facilities in New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin and California, the company maintains a workforce of more than 400, with revenues topping $500 million annually. A Deep Dive with Portnox CORE About four years ago, Schuman…
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