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Strengthening IoT Security with Cloud-Native DHCP Listening
Enhanced IoT Fingerprinting & Security with Cloud-Native DHCP Listening More Like the Internet of Everything With the explosion of new devices connecting to the internet, IoT (or, the Internet of Things) really might as well be called IoE (or, the Internet of Everything.) The use cases for always-connected devices span across industries – from facilities…
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ztna shortcomings portnox
Why Do ZTNA Solutions Fall Short When It Comes to Zero Trust?
ZTNA & Zero Trust Zero Trust is a security architecture in which every individual, inside or outside the organization’s network, must be authenticated, authorized, and continually validated for data security configuration and posture before accessing or maintaining access to information and resources.   Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is one of the ways of implementing Zero…
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network security architecture portnox
Why Integrated Network Security Architecture is the Future
Integrated network security architecture refers to a unified system of different network security features across a network. It provides a systematic approach to designing and implementing a set of cybersecurity measures that are synergistic and mutually supportive to one another, to provide an increased level of protection.   With an integrated network security architecture, you can…
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zero trust maturity model portnox
CISA’s New Zero Trust Maturity Model: What You Need To Know
Did you know that 74% of IT decision-makers now believe ransomware should be considered a matter of national security? Ransomware threats have skyrocketed in recent years. An eye-watering 60% of organizations fell victim to a ransomware attack last year. Undoubtedly, ransomware is cybersecurity’s most significant challenge today. So, how do organizations fight back and safeguard…
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ot security portnox
Enhancing OT Security Without Disrupting Operations
What is Operational Technology? Cybersecurity has come a long way in the recent past. Its importance is felt in all aspects of modern life, both personal and industrial. The current digital and network advancements are steadily pushing Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) towards integration. While IT systems interact with each other for data-centric…
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passwordless authentication portnox
Passwordless Authentication: A Paradigm Shift in Security
Passwordless authentication appears to be the new belle of the ball amongst tech experts. Of course, the reasons all bother on the general challenges experienced by security companies and businesses.  The security and tech world continue to advance in scope and sphere – through  developing efforts to improve existing structure.  These changes  are prompted by …
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zero trust security model portnox
Implementing & Maintaining a Zero Trust Security Model for Your Enterprise
Protecting a company’s assets is becoming quite expensive. Many enterprises often carefully assess potential new solutions before deciding to venture into the technology. However, as costly as some of these solutions come, protecting all digital assets remains paramount.  The zero trust security model has in fact been around for years. It is a strategy that…
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6 Tips for Enhancing Security Across Your Remote Workforce
Before the pandemic, 17% of employees in the US worked from home five days or more per week – a share that catapulted to 44% during the pandemic, and more than 60% after the pandemic.  The COVID-19 pandemic climaxed the remote working trend, as workers were forced to work from home – a trend that…
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zero trust portnox
Cutting Through the Hype of Securing the Zero Trust Edge
What is Zero Trust? Zero trust is a strategic approach requiring all network users to be authenticated, authorized, and regularly validated. The framework covers the internal and external users of an organization’s network.   As a cybersecurity concept, it requires full awareness of security policy based on established contexts rather than assumptions. A well-defined zero trust…
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sd-wan portnox
Common SD-WAN Challenges & How to Avoid Them
A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) enables organizations to rely on a combination of transport services. The increasing use of SD-WAN for connecting enterprise networks improves productivity, reduces cost, and increases application performance.   It is a feature-packed technology that centralizes security, management, networking, and more. Consequently, organizations with cloud solutions view SD-WAN as an infrastructure…
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zero trust ztna portnox
How To Use SASE To Establish & Enable Zero-Trust Network Access
As working environments evolve, we must rethink our network security approach. The traditional “castle-and-moat” network security model, where everyone inside the network is trusted by default, but no one outside can access the data inside, is no longer fit for purpose. Faced with cloud computing, virtualization, and remote working, having a clear perimeter protecting a…
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saas security portnox
Why Organizations Should Adopt SaaS Technology for Cybersecurity
The Software-as-a-service licensing  model has become a disruption in the digital space, garnering widespread adoption across industries. What’s more, cloud computing has become a common concept in 21st-century technology while spurring the development of new capabilities to facilitate the next phase of innovation and development. The beauty of this technology is the seamless integrations it…
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