Ransomware is Everywhere!

40% of Businesses Experience Ransomware Threats or Attacks.
Don’t Let Your Organization Become Part of This Statistic!

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Rapid Ransomware Response &
Control Solution

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The recent WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks put thousands of businesses and even human lives under threat.

So how can organizations detect, control, and protect against the spread of ransomware attacks?


Portnox's Network Access Control (NAC) solutions provide effective tools to protect your network from ransomware threats with complete visibility into all network endpoints, remote installation of patch and anti-virus updates, and the ability to disconnect vulnerable endpoints with zero-touch.

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Rapid Ransomware Response & Control



Portnox's network access control solutions provide network admins with a real-time, holistic picture of the state of their network, including all of the connected endpoints, their patch and anti-virus update status, as well as their level of compliance with company security policies.



Most ransomware attacks manipulate a patch or anti-virus vulnerability that allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive company information. Protect against attacks by remotely updating patches, anti-virus software and OS to make sure that all network endpoints are secured.


Contain & Recover

In the unfortunate case that your organization has been attacked, remotely disconnect endpoints from the network to prevent the lateral spread of the attack across the organization. Isolate potentially vulnerable endpoints until necessary remediation
is carried out, allowing for business continuity.