European Bank Solves Guest Network Access Security Challenges

guest network access in banking

This European bank with headquarters and branch offices throughout Luxembourg manages over €150 million in assets. The bank faced a constant balance of priorities to keep their financial data secure, meet various regulatory and compliance requirements, while simultaneously providing customers across its branches with wireless guest network access.

Guest Network Access Challenges

  • Preserving their customer’s trust by protecting their privacy on the network
  • Providing customers required and expected access while maintaining full compliance
  • Immediate awareness and control the instant devices attempt to access the network regardless of entry port, access point or VPN.
  • Management, visibility and control from HQ for all branches and other bank offices.
  • Assurance that wireless guest network access is limited to specific established and appropriate VLAN(s)

“The visibility, control and dynamic VLAN capability Portnox was able to bring not only to our headquarters, but across all branches and remote sites from a central management location was unique from the solutions we evaluated and made our decision in favor of Portnox easy,” said the bank’s Director of Network Operations.

Securing Guest Network Access

The Bank selected and deployed Portnox for its ability to deliver constant and real-time control of all devices actively connected to any part of the network from a single centrally deployed location. In addition, with limited availability of IT staff at remote branch locations, Portnox was able to provide remote branch networks access and use of HQ guest network, quarantine and other VLANs with no local configuration or IT resources.

Additional Network Security Benefits

  • Apply compliance policies based on type of user/type of device/time based/ location/IP/ use of bandwidth/ fingerprint etc.
  • Pinpoint rogue access to the network at all locations, so that administrators could instantly be aware of a device/ user that was rogue, or had failed one of the compliance checks, based on policies the Bank had set.
  • Block a rogue device which was connected to the network on the same port that an authenticated device was connected (in a converged setup), without disrupting the legitimate devices’ session.
  • Shut down the port in an employee’s office, once that employee had swiped his card on the time attendance machine on his way out, and then reactivate the port on his return.

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