Wireless Guest Network in Less Than 10 Seconds


We’re happy to announce the production readiness of our new and innovative capabilities: a cloud-based Guest Network with a highly customizable CLEAR Captive Portal.

Portnox CLEAR customers who added guest subscription can now offer their corporate visitors, contractors, students and customers Wi-Fi connectivity following less than 10 seconds (!!!) of configuration, without having to install any on-prem component and without compromising the security of the corporate network.

Portnox CLEAR offers the entire infrastructure stack for a guest network as a SaaS service which includes a Cloud RADIUS, a CLEAR Captive Portal web app, and a management system for configuring and monitoring guest network activity. At a single click in the CLEAR Portal, the entire infrastructure is immediately activated for your visitors, BYOD-owners and students who will use a branded, web-browser login to connect to the guest WI-FI. No agents or on-prem components are required, merely a wireless access point and a CLEAR account.

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The Portnox CLEAR Captive Portal offers the following authentication methods for accessing the guest WiFi:

1. “Lobby administrator” mode – enables granular and centralized control over who can access your guest network and when. In this mode, the administrator defines the CLEAR Guest Account prior to the guest visit and can control various parameters of this account, including expiration time. CLEAR also provides a special administrative Guest Admin role, which provides only guest management permissions in the CLEAR Portal without any ability to see or change other aspects of Portnox CLEAR configuration.

2. No authentication (disclaimer only) mode – The guest merely needs to acknowledge a disclaimer. The disclaimer (“acceptable use” statement) is customizable; a CLEAR Portal administrator can define both the text and the formatting of the disclaimer.

3. “Sponsored” guest mode – A guest is required to provide a sponsor’s email upon registration in the Captive Portal. Sponsors, usually administrators or people defined as sponsors inside the organization, automically receive an email with a request to Grant or Deny guest access. If access is granted, the guest receives an email with access credentials. This authorization workflow is fully-automated, does not require access to the CLEAR Management system, and requires only email.

The Portnox CLEAR architecture enables you to configure Wireless security and Guest Networks in a way that both fits your corporate needs and requires the lowest investment of administrator time.

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