Portnox & Cisco Meraki: Better Together When Securing & Controlling Access for Cloud Managed IT

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The Rise of Cloud Managed IT

Digital transformation is engulfing enterprise IT, with many legacy solutions migrating to the cloud. Paired with the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud adoption and mobile workforce trends, CISOs, network admins and IT teams are faced with new and complex challenges in securing their risk-based perimeter. As that perimeter extends off campus to remote environments, the need arises for convenient access that will encourage productivity and increase efficiency, while enforcing security policies and controlling exposure to emerging cyber threats.  

Access Control Meets Cloud Managed IT

The Cisco Meraki and Portnox NAC-as-a-Service partnership helps enterprises realize the potential of cloud managed IT by providing complete visibility, control and management capabilities for network access. As enterprise begins to implement digital transformation, through BYOD, Internet of Things, the mobile workforce and cloud infrastructure, pervasive security tools are required to ensure that access is secured across the risk-based perimeter. 

Together, Meraki and Portnox provide mid-market organizations and enterprises with the cloud and compliance infrastructure they need to embrace the benefits of digital transformation, while securing, controlling and appropriately managing access across all network endpoints.  

Quick and easy deployment, low operational costs and flexible on-boarding of network endpoints makes the Meraki-Portnox collaboration an essential security tool for the innovative enterprise.  

The Key Features of Our Joint Offering

  • Enhanced Security: Secure access in all locations and at all times for wired, wireless, and VPN access. 802.1x provides top-notch user authentication, adding a layer of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to VPN. 
  • Full Visibility: Achieve full visibility into all network endpoints, from operating systems through to open ports and onto running applications. Carry out persistent posture assessments on devices and determine their level of access based on a machine learning devised risk score.  
  • Zero-Touch Deployment: Start controlling network access today with a pre-deployed and integrated environment including certification authority (CA), RADIUS, user databases and more.  
  • Complete Control Over Access: Discover all network endpoints and authorize access regardless of the endpoint’s credential validity to allow for gradual deployment of 802.1x access protection.  
  • Flexible On-Boarding: Add devices to wired/wireless networks based on a variety of pre-defined or unique parameters, as well as an option for secured persistent access for contractors and guests.  
  • Deep Dive into Devices: Gain context on the devices connecting to your network to better understand their level of risk including information on installed applications, services, certificates, users, open ports and user locations. 
  • Widen Switch Support: The joint solution supports 802.1X, certificate, domain and MAC authentication, as well as group-based dynamic VLAN assignments. 
  • Move from CAPEX to OPEX: Make the capital expenditure you continually invest in maintaining legacy security solutions operational expenditure that is investor based on level of need and degree of service use. 
  • Compliance Compatible: Easily implement compliance directives automate policy management and enforcement across the network. 
  • Stable and Secure Enterprise Grade Solution: With a highly available yet secured RADIUS Server, as well as agent support for all platforms, ensure business continuity no matter the circumstances. 
  • Support for MSP/MSSP Model: Service providers can easily manage their existing subscriptions together with Portnox, making the solution part of its repertoire of services, including rebranding options as needed. 

Portnox-Meraki Use Cases

Portnox and Meraki’s joint offering is great news for network security, access and control. Here’s how the solutions work together, providing benefits that are made possible by joining forces: 

  • Persistent risk assessment of employee and contractor workstation to devise a network access control policy based on usage, location and a number of other endpoint characteristics. 
  • Perform risk assessments and provide access through a one-time password when accessing over the VPN. 
  • Simply control network segmentation based on VLAN assignment and Active Directory Groups. 
  • Certificate-based authentication across the entire enterprise – ideal for a multi-site environment. 
  • Allow for sponsored guest access, making it easier for guests and contractors to access what they need on the network, while controlling the method and scope of access permissions based on endpoint compliance and risk score.  
About Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a cloud managed IT company that offers comprehensive solutions for organizations to manage all of their IT needs in one place. Meraki’s set of services include: wireless, switching, security, communications, EMM, security cameras and more, all managed through Meraki’s web-based dashboard interface. Meraki was founded in 2006 by Sanjit Bishwas, John Bicket and Hans Robertson and was acquired by Cisco in 2012.  

About Portnox

Portnox offers cloud-native network and endpoint security essentials that enable agile, resource-constrained IT teams to proactively address today’s most pressing security challenges: the rapid expansion of enterprise networks, the proliferation of connected device types, and the increased sophistication of cyberattacks. Hundreds of companies have leveraged Portnox’s award-winning security products to enforce powerful network access, endpoint risk monitoring and remediation policies to strengthen their organizational security posture.  

By eliminating the need for any on-premises footprint common among traditional information security systems, Portnox allows companies – no matter their size, geo-distribution, or networking architecture – to deploy, scale, enforce and maintain these critical security policies with unprecedented ease. Portnox has offices in the U.S. and Israel. For information visit www.portnox.com. 

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