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Blazing New Trails In Keeping Your Network Safe
While 2022 was a banner year for Portnox, with several major releases that raised the bar for zero trust - expect more to come in 2023.
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Thunderdome: DISA’s Next Phase for Zero Trust
DISA's Thunderdome project aims to create a new cybersecurity and network architecture for the DoD's transition to zero trust.
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How the Zero Trust Security Model Is Evolving To Stop Cyber Threats
Zero trust has evolved to become a practically fail-proof security model – serving as a more effective, risk-based solution for stopping malicious threats.
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NIST Releases New AI Risk Framework to Combat Emerging Threats from Malicious AI
NIST's AI Risk Management Framework aims to mitigate threats from malicious AI while ensuring the development of trustworthy AI systems.
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Zero Trust & SOC 2 Compliance: The Significance of Robust Authentication
Organizations can achieve SOC 2 compliance more easily by opting for zero trust solutions, as they prioritize robust, continuous authentication.
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network security architecture portnox
Why Integrated Network Security Architecture is the Future
Integrated network security architecture refers to a unified system of different network security features across a network. It provides a systematic approach to designing and implementing a set of cybersecurity measures that are synergistic and mutually supportive to one another, to provide an increased level of protection.   With an integrated network security architecture, you can…
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digital certificates portnox
Digital Certificates & ChromeOS – NAC to the Rescue! 
The phrase “game-changer” may get thrown around a bit too much, but it’s fair to say that when Google released ChromeOS and the Chromebook in 2011, it revolutionized the portable computer market. It had an especially large impact on the education market; by 2018 60% of all computers used in schools were Chromebooks.   Thanks to…
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sd-wan portnox
Common SD-WAN Challenges & How to Avoid Them
A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) enables organizations to rely on a combination of transport services. The increasing use of SD-WAN for connecting enterprise networks improves productivity, reduces cost, and increases application performance.   It is a feature-packed technology that centralizes security, management, networking, and more. Consequently, organizations with cloud solutions view SD-WAN as an infrastructure…
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portnox cisco meraki
Portnox & Cisco Meraki: Better Together When Securing & Controlling Access for Cloud Managed IT
The Rise of Cloud Managed IT Digital transformation is engulfing enterprise IT, with many legacy solutions migrating to the cloud. Paired with the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud adoption and mobile workforce trends, CISOs, network admins and IT teams are faced with new and complex challenges in securing their risk-based perimeter. As that…
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5g network security portnox
5G Network Security: What You Need to Know
The emergence of 5G wireless technology is no longer news to the world. Organizations and cyber security experts alike look forward to its higher speed, increased capacity, and lower latency. The 5G wireless network also boasts interactive applications, improved communication, increased labor productivity, and lower costs.  Moreover, 5G intends to provide more extensive broadband access…
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3 Years On, Has SASE Lived Up to the Hype?
First coined by research firm Gartner in 2019, SASE has become a hot topic in the IT industry in just a few short years. Undoubtedly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, SASE has captured the attention of IT professionals in the network and security landscape as they prepare for an increasingly cloud-centric way of working.   However,…
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lean it network security
What Can Lean IT Teams Do to Strengthen Network Security?
Even a decade ago, the operations, systems and digital footprints of most medium to large companies had become overwhelmingly complex. Over the last ten years, these digital corporate footprints have expanded to reach and capture growth from previously untapped corners of the world. More recently, the business imperatives of the COVID-19 pandemic spurred faster adoption…
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