A key part of the transition to passwordless authentication. Available out-of-the-box with Portnox.

Passwords are the bane of security professionals everywhere – the vast majority of data breaches start with compromised credentials. Given that the average cost of these data breaches is over $4 million, it’s no wonder that security pros are desperate for an alternative. And that’s where EAP-TLS (Extensible Authentication Protocol–Transport Layer Security) comes in. EAP-TLS is the protocol most commonly used to enable the use of digital certificates for authentication on WPA-2 (aka wireless) networks.


Certificate-based authentication to the rescue!

Digital certificates are rapidly replacing passwords as best practices for secure authentication, and it’s not surprising – they're immune to phishing and malware, can’t be shared, and can’t be re-used the way passwords can. Thanks to EAP-TLS's use of public key cryptography, the server certificate and the client-side certificate key exchange makes it immune to man-in-the-middle attacks. The challenge used to be that they were difficult to set up and deploy, but Portnox makes implementing certificate-based authentication easy.

Make PSKs a thing of the past with passwordless authentication.

With Portnox, we can act as your certificate authority or you can bring your own! We support SCEP as well (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) so getting certificates deployed to all of your devices will be easy and fast. We seamlessly integrate with MDM solutions like JAMF and InTune too, so your mobile users aren’t left out. Your IT staff will love how easy it is to take your authentication methods to the next level, and your users will love not having to remember 10,000 passwords.

Frequently asked questions about EAP-TLS.

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