Network Visibility

See every device trying to connect or already
on your network in real-time.

Portnox’s zero trust access control platform gives network administrators peace of mind with always-on endpoint awareness so you can see who and what is coming onto the network – no matter location or device type.

Network Visibility

Profile & fingerprint IoT devices with pinpoint accuracy.

Say goodbye to shadow IoT running rampant across your network with Portnox’s one-of-a-kind cloud-native IoT fingerprinting capabilities. With down to the make, model, and manufacturer details, craft powerful IoT access and control policies to keep your network safe at all times.

Generating an asset inventory is a critical first step in any network security program.

Take note of all devices connected to the network, including IoT, servers, laptops, smartphones, and more to create a comprehensive asset inventory.

Frequently asked questions about network visibility.

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