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In internet years, RADIUS is ancient – just the name (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) conjures up ancient memories of modem whistles and getting yelled at to stop tying up the phone line. But that’s exactly what makes RADIUS so great – it has stood the test of time and proven to be secure, easy to use, and reliable. And now with Portnox you can add cloud-native to list of advantages as well!

RADIUS server
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Whatever you need, Portnox RADIUS has you covered.

Using RADIUS for network access brings a host of advantages – you can create access policies based on location and role for wireless, wired, and VPN access layers, set up MAC Address Bypass for your IoT devices, or even use certificates to go passwordlessPortnox’s cloud-based RADIUS server has whatever you need to keep your network secure 

Did you hear? Portnox put RADIUS in the cloud. You're welcome.

With Portnox’s RADIUS, you get all the advantages of the gold standard of network authentication since the dawn of the internet, plus all the advantages of a modern cloud-native solution. No provisioning extra hardware, no patches, no maintenance – your IT admins and your users will thank you.

Frequently asked questions about RADIUS.

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