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Even before the internet truly existed, managing infrastructure was complex - as shown by the fact that the TACACS (Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System) was first developed for ARPANET back in 1984. As networks have expanded, the need for a way to simplify device administration has only grown. Thankfully, Portnox’s cloud-native TACACS+ combines the features of TACACS+ with the ease of cloud-native software.

portnox cloud tacacs+

Help keep the IT security auditors off your back.

The strength of TACACS+ lies in AAA – Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. With Portnox, you can control access down to the individual commands run on each device, AND have an audit trail in case you need to figure out who did what when.

Portnox brings TACACS+ to the cloud, keeping you more nimble.

With Portnox’s TACACS+, you can manage your infrastructure whether you have 10 devices or 10,000, while reaping all the benefits of our cloud-native platform. Implement least-privileged access down to the individual commands and get seamless integration with your existing security tools and identity provider. Plus, no more late-night upgrades or patches!

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