IoT Security Concerns Solution for Visibility and Control

With projections of 50 billion to 200 billion connected devices by the year 2020, the Internet of Things has never been more prevalent in the network environment. Enterprises and SMBs need to see the devices connected to their network if they want to realize IoT’s many benefits.


While IoT has benefits for increasing productivity and improving data mining, these benefits go hand-in-hand with security concerns for access, control and management of so many devices.


Portnox Internet of Things Security Solutions

Through its network access control solutions, Portnox provides complete visibility, control and management of Internet of Things devices connected or connecting to the enterprise and SMB network. Gaining knowledge and control capabilities for IoT devices security is essential for minimizing exposure to digital business risks arising from Internet of Things security vulnerabilities, and understanding IoT security issues provides an accurate posture assessment of network health.

  • Portnox CORE: With the IoT Visibility Radar, automatically discover IoT devices connected or those attempting to connect to the network, set security policies to react and control their access, or take remediation measures, where needed.
  • Portnox CLEAR: Discover, control and manage IoT devices connecting both on and off premise and effectively control access based on a device’s level of risk, according to pre-defined network security policies. Eliminate geo-redundancies with cloud-based 802.1X authentication for all devices.

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Automatically discover IoT devices connecting to the network with Portnox’s dual engine for device discovery.


Access Control

Set advanced security policies for IoT devices to immediately address IoT security issues and relevant IoT security standards.



Put pre-defined IoT security policies into action with full-fledged enforcement actions.



Implement remediation measures for devices that are out of compliance with IoT security standards.


Discovery Across
the Network

Whether located on or off premise, understand your level of IoT connectivity


Know Your
Risk-Based Perimeter

With more devices connecting to the network, Portnox provides a network 360° view.