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Traditional network security has often been described as a castle-and-moat system – the moat was a VPN, and everyone who made it across the drawbridge was considered safe. This approach was fine...but you may have noticed, things have changed a bit. Remote work, BYOD,’s obvious the old castle-and-moat is not cutting it. Modern security problems require modern security solutions – like SASE and Portnox ZTNA.

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Zero trust security - no matter where you’re connecting from.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a concept that tries to wrap a security edge around your new, constantly shifting network boundaries. Rather than one specific software solution, it is a collection of tools that work together to handle access to resources like applications and the network. A key component of any effective SASE stack is zero trust access control - and guest what?! Portnox just happens to have you covered there.

Portnox brings ZTNA to the cloud in support of your SASE strategy.

Portnox Cloud is a comprehensive ZTNA solution that will help you establish a secure edge – from our robust risk policy engine to our automated remediation to IoT fingerprinting to ditching passwords for ultra-secure certificate-based authentication, we can do it all. And you get to reap all the benefits of a true cloud-native solution – no patching, no maintenance, and no giving up your weekends and evenings.

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