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NAC-as-a-Service is the Future of Security for Distributed Networks
Controlling Access Across a Digitally Transformative Network Network access control solutions have been around since the early 2000s, serving the important purpose of authenticating and authorizing access to the corporate network. These legacy solutions excelled at making access decisions based on authentication credentials and endpoint compliance, but were largely limited in the scope of devices…
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Ransomware Response & Control: Best Practices
Ransomware and malware, malicious cyber threats that request victims to pay a ransom to retrieve stolen and encrypted data, are now the most prevalent cybersecurity threats. Recently, such attacks have increased in frequency and severity, evidenced in the 2017 WannaCry attacks that affected over 200,000 computers globally. Faced with the threat of ransomware attacks, many organizations…
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IoT Security Vulnerabilities: Hype or the Real Deal?
IoT is already impacting the way we communicate and do business. This trend is expected to continue according to Business Insider – their forecast for IoT devices connected to the web lies currently at 34 billion by 2020.  IoT is expected to enable business growth by lowering operations cost, increasing productivity and opening new markets…
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5 Best Practices To Protect Your Network
As with everything else in life: so many network security options, so little budget. How do you know which one will best protect your network, users and devices? No need to agonize over endless hours of research, we’ve shortlisted the five critical elements of cyber security: firewalls, NAC, anti-virus software, proxy servers, and endpoint security.…
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Hot Cyber Security Events You Simply Cannot Afford To Miss in 2017
Want to stay ahead of the game? The following list of cybersecurity events will help … and they are fun too.. Cybertech Israel   Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2017 Tel Aviv, Israel Cybertech is the most significant conference and exhibition of cyber technologies outside of the United States. This conference, which explores many different…
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European Bank Solves Guest Network Access Security Challenges
This European bank with headquarters and branch offices throughout Luxembourg manages over €150 million in assets. The bank faced a constant balance of priorities to keep their financial data secure, meet various regulatory and compliance requirements, while simultaneously providing customers across its branches with wireless guest network access. Guest Network Access Challenges Preserving their customer’s…
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5 Reasons to Move your NAC to the Cloud
Have you ever thought about migrating your network access control (NAC) to the Cloud? Are you apprehensive about taking this step? Traditional NAC solutions were built to address a premise-based infrastructure. A new next generation NAC approach is required to protect companies in today’s BYOD, cloud-based, IoT world. Enterprises will need to change their security…
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DDoS Attacks are a Loud IoT Wakeup Call for Enterprise Security
The recent headline grabbing DDoS attacks on IoT devices that occurred at OVH, Krebs on Security, and DYN, were performed and spread by taking control of IoT devices found today in most homes and offices. These attacks reveal the true danger in our IoT devices – attacking them is child’s play. Surprisingly, most users do…
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What Portnox CLEAR – Fall 2016 release has in store for cloud-based NAC
The complexity and risks of corporate networks are increasing on a daily basis. The growing flood of new devices, new form factors, and rapid changes in network architecture, coupled with a constant shortage of well-trained specialists, requires organizations to choose an IT vendor and partner that is able to keep pace with continuous change. Furthermore,…
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802.1X control
Challenges with the Implementation of IEEE 802.1X Control Solutions
Network Access Control and 802.1X control adoption is making a comeback and one of the causes for the is the rapid adoption of IoT (Internet of Things). Past waves of NAC adoption included the increase in guest, contractor and BYOD access requirements, resulting in the understanding that the network is no longer composed of securely…
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Is this NAC solution suitable for your business?
While NAC is most effective when it follows a defined, proprietary security policy that is specific to a particular company, there are some more general considerations that apply to any type of enterprise. These are discussed below. There are two main challenges when choosing the right NAC for your company. The first stems from the…
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The dawn of Massive IoT DDoS Attacks and why it matters
Unless you have been busy climbing the Himalayas for the past couple of months, you’ll have heard a lot about Mirai, a deadly malware causing the largest DDoS attacks to date. Yes Yes, the IoT botnet attack that took down the Internet for users trying to reach an array of sites, including Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr,…
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