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Remote Wipe is better than a cure – at least if someone steals your phone.
Last year, an Mobile Device management (MDM) vendor reported that they wipe a device every three minutes. There’s no reason to believe that number has gone down since then. You do the math– that’s over 175,000 wiped phones per year just from this one vendor! It really makes you think. Is that considered a lot? Is…
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Can you really afford to wait 45 seconds? A 15-second answer.
The dilemma between Pre Connect/Post Connect methodologies is one of the hottest issues being discussed in the world of Network Access Control (NAC) today. It addresses the perpetual challenge to balance the prime objectives in network access security; enabling   the right users to access corporate network resources securely, whilst maintaining the flow of business continuity…
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About your Network Access Management
You are probably familiar with the situation: You finally get the budget you need to upgrade your network security, and you find a suitable company that promises you a fantastic software solution that will quickly and precisely pinpoint your network’s vulnerabilities. You thought the story was over, but this is just when it starts to…
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pci-dss compliance portnox
Portnox Helps Financial Services Company Meet PCI-DSS Requirements
Namclear is a Namibian clearing house for interbank transactions, electronic fund transfers (EFT), card, check payments, and settlements with the Bank of Namibia. Namclear’s systems are regarded as critical to business function as they clear domestic interbank transactions, making the company a leading Payment System Operator (PSO). Namclear’s PCI-DSS Compliance Challenges As a leading financial…
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