Portnox CLEAR’s Secure WiFi Access, Powered by Microsoft Azure, Delivers Enterprise-Grade WiFi Security to Businesses of All Sizes, as a Service.

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Mid-market and enterprise customers can now authenticate to their wireless network, based on identities, with Portnox CLEAR’s 802.1X seamless solution, delivered from the cloud

NEW YORK–Portnox, a market leader for network visibility, access control and device risk management solutions, today announced that its cloud-based solution Portnox CLEAR, powered by Microsoft Azure, is now available for Microsoft sales teams, enabling organizations to protect their network infrastructures with the Portnox CLEAR platform.

Enterprises and SMBs are facing a growing challenge protecting their networks from different cybersecurity threats, specifically their wireless infrastructure. More than 60% of all data breaches target small and medium businesses and yet, most are still using a pre-shared passkey to enable employee access to their organization’s Wi-Fi. This is particularly troubling as 40% of those attacks, involve the compromise of employee passwords.

To address these challenges and risks, Portnox CLEAR, a cloud-delivered, enterprise-grade network access control solution, provides individual authentication and access policy enforcement. With its built-in Azure Active Directory or Windows Server Active Directory plug-ins, Portnox CLEAR provides 802.1X network authentication services to the mid-market and enterprise customers within minutes. Additionally, CLEAR offers organizations visibility, control and pervasive risk assessment capabilities to better protect their networks in real time. Users can automate network access, certificate enrollments and onboarding scenarios for employees, contractors, guests and non-corporate machines, on or off premises. Key features include 802.1X based authentication and authorization, expanded threat management, breach remediation, dynamic network access control policies, and automated implementation of compliance protocols.

“Microsoft customers are a strategic business avenue for Portnox,” said Ofer Amitai, CEO, Portnox. “Portnox CLEAR allows organizations to secure their Wi-Fi in a matter of minutes by applying the highest security standards with a simple method, anywhere in the world. As a SaaS solution, CLEAR is pre-setup, always running the latest version, latest security and latest features with seamless upgrades, while requiring close to zero maintenance from IT and security teams.”

Portnox CLEAR is a cloud-delivered NAC-as-a-service solution that enables organizations to secure their entire network, including their Wi-Fi. Ultimately, the organization can control all network access by using continuous risk-scoring for each endpoint, including mobile, BYOD, and IoT, connecting from anywhere in the world. Built to simplify the complexities associated with implementing NAC, CLEAR delivers the necessary network visibility and access control mechanisms to protect against non-compliant and rogue devices that introduce security threats.

CLEAR is built as a multi-tenant and geo-distributed service due to the fact that it runs on top of Azure as a PaaS service. It utilizes many Azure cloud components and therefore CLEAR customers benefit from the conveniences of a SaaS solution while implementing the highest standards in information security.

“In today’s environment where BYOD, IoT and mobile workforces are the norm, our mutual customers rely on our solution to help monitor and secure all their devices, regardless of location,” said Avi Binya, VP One Commercial Partner at Microsoft. “The integration of Portnox CLEAR with Microsoft Azure Active Directory brings visibility and network access control to customers, allowing them to embrace the new market trends in a simple way.”

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