SC Awards Europe Names Portnox to Best Authentication Technology Shortlist

portnox sc awards europe 2024

Austin, TX – May 7, 2024Portnox, a leading provider of cloud-native, zero trust access control solutions, is proud to announce its selection as a finalist in the prestigious SC Awards Europe. The company has been recognized on the Best Authentication Technology category shortlist for its commitment to innovation and excellence in cybersecurity.

The Portnox Cloud allows organizations to control who can authenticate to their enterprise network, and provides granular detail on every user’s access layer, location, device type, and more. Portnox’s cloud RADIUS service – part of the Portnox Cloud platform and its primary authentication solution – is provided through a cloud-based cluster of fully redundant RADIUS servers and is used for authentication of users accessing the enterprise network.

The Portnox Cloud is fully cloud-native and requires no on-site hardware or maintenance whatsoever. No other network access control (NAC) product on the market delivers network authentication, access control, endpoint risk posture assessment and remediation in this manner.

As a cloud service, the Portnox Cloud eliminates the need for the capacity planning of on-premises software or appliances. It also eliminates the need to complete on-going security updates, expand capacity, or upgrade appliances to meet future growth needs. With the Portnox Cloud, you never have to worry about software or hardware end-of-life, or costly, complex upgrades requiring hours and days of work and a never-ending checklist of to-dos. The Portnox Cloud is always running the most up-to-date version with the latest features and capabilities.

“We are honored to be recognized as a finalist in the SC Awards Europe,” said Denny LeCompte, CEO at Portnox. “This acknowledgment reaffirms our relentless pursuit of excellence in delivering robust authentication and access control technology that strengthens data protection, improves endpoint and network security, streamlines user experiences, and achieves compliance with ease.”

The SC Europe Awards are a celebration of the excellence, advancement, and of the incredible minds that are shaping the future of technology and cybersecurity within the UK and Europe. Being named a finalist underscores Portnox’s unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to strengthen their security posture against evolving cyber threats.

The winners of the SC Awards Europe will be announced during a ceremony on Tuesday, June 4 on the first evening of InfoSecurity Europe in London.

About Portnox

Portnox offers cloud-native zero trust access control and cybersecurity essentials that enable agile, resource-constrained IT teams to proactively address today’s most pressing security challenges: the rapid expansion of enterprise networks, the proliferation of connected device types, the increased sophistication of cyberattacks, and the shift to zero trust. Hundreds of mid-market and enterprise companies have leveraged Portnox’s award-winning security products to enforce powerful access, endpoint risk monitoring and remediation policies to strengthen their organizational security posture. By eliminating the need for any on-premises footprint common among traditional information security systems, Portnox allows companies – no matter their size, geo-distribution, or architecture – to deploy, scale, enforce and maintain these critical zero trust security policies with unprecedented ease.

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