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Simple to Manage
Cloud NAC

Network access control, now available as SaaS.
Purpose-built for today's distributed enterprises.


Simplicity, Scalability & Savings. Out of the Box.


Create your NAC instance in a little as 30 minutes and begin testing immediately.

No Upgrades
or Patches

Get the latest and greatest cloud NAC service without any maintenance headaches.

Lower Total Cost
of Ownership

Stop hurting your bottom line with professional services fees and network outages.

Get Out of the Ice Age &
Replace Your Legacy,
On-Prem NAC Today

Save time and lower your total cost of ownership by eliminating on-going maintenance, upgrades, network downtime, end-of-life costs and more typically associated with traditional NAC.

  • 1 Create your online account
  • 2 Select access layers for coverage
  • 3 Stand up one-click cloud RADIUS server
  • 4 Set risk & remediation policies
  • 5 All done!

We've Got You Covered,
No Matter the NAC Use Case

Whether you need to secure remote VPN access, guest WiFi networks, or on-site wired ports – Portnox can help you implement actionable access control, risk assessment and device remediation policies for managed company devices, BYOD, IoT/OT and more.

Trusted Across Industries

Portnox's network access control solutions are utilized by hundreds of enterprises all around the world across an array of industries.

SEC cyber reporting requirements

SEC Cyber Reporting Requirements: Tailoring Your Security Strategy

As we embrace the digital era, public companies face escalating cybersecurity risks. The SEC’s recent cyber incident reporting rules shine a light on the traditionally opaque world of cyber risk in public companies, while increasing critical transparency with investors.

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post-breach downtime

Healthcare Orgs Warned of Extended Post-Breach Downtime

In healthcare, a successful cyberattack can compromise patient data, interrupt critical care, and even jeopardize lives. The reliance on the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices and electronic health records makes healthcare systems particularly vulnerable. At the same time, patient data, which is inherently sensitive, is considered incredibly lucrative. Lastly, the healthcare industry is the most likely to pay up during a ransomware attack. This combination of factors makes healthcare organizations high-stakes targets for malicious actors.

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