Portnox CORE

Next-Gen Network access control.

Today's leading on-premise NAC security solution. Designed with actionable network visibility and control in mind.


An Easy-to-Use On-Premise NAC Security Solution

Portnox CORE provides 100% actionable visibility of all devices that are connected to your network. As the first software-based NAC platform, Portnox CORE's patented solution allows you to manage the security and compliance challenges your organization faces in a smart and simple way.

Simple to Deploy

Don't worry about network prep work, appliance installations or infrastructure changes.


There's no need to install an agent to leverage CORE's next-gen NAC capabilities.

Easy to Operate

Our intuitive platform features smart workflows, automated response actions and more.

In-Depth Intelligence

Take real-time action to protect your network with in-depth device intelligence.

Low Maintainance

No need to replace or update appliances when as your operational needs change.

Vendor Agnostic

CORE works with virtually all types of managed equipment and vendors.

NAC Security that Delivers Actionable Visibility & Control

With Portnox CORE, organizations enjoy unparalleled NAC that enables exceptional visibility of managed corporate devices, IoT and BYOD, as well as remediation customization and more.

How It Works

With Portnox CORE, nothing can hide. Utilizing an agentless technology that allows you to detect and profile devices in real time on your wired, wireless, VPN, and virtual networks, Portnox CORE provides an additional layer of device visibility and offers full capabilities for device discovery, authentication, and compliance enforcement.


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