Portnox CORE



Portnox CORE (formally known as Portnox NAC) is the first software based network access control solution and the most mature technology in the market. Its patented technology is used to see, control and automate any device, any network, anywhere. Its innovative technology secures risk challenges organizations face in a smart and simple way.

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Utilizing its agentless technology, Portnox CORE can detect and profile any device on the corporate network in real time across all network layers; wired and wireless network, VPN, Virtual and Cloud. It is deployed in a central location and can see all of the network locations – whether headquarters or a remote branch.


Portnox CORE can mitigate risks by actively limiting access, quarantining or blocking a device. It can also remediate security issues by, for example, installing a missing patch or starting the antivirus. All of these allow CISOs to not only to prevent risks, but also to respond to them.


Portnox’s advanced technology delivers unique, automatic reactions, enabling CISOs to reduce time and costs associated with manual responses. Whether the reaction is enforcement or remediation, Portnox CORE can automate it and learn from the event context for future protection.

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