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The NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) compliance guidelines serve as the backbone for ensuring the security and reliability of the electrical grid. In the face of growing cyber threats, Network Access Control (NAC) plays a pivotal role in supporting NERC compliance from a cybersecurity perspective. By implementing NAC, organizations strengthen their defenses, mitigate risks, and safeguard critical infrastructure, aligning with NERC's stringent security requirements.

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Access Control

The Portnox Cloud delivers unique access controls, including microsegmentation, for users across all access layers, including wire, wireless and VPN. The platform verifies the identity and security posture of devices and users before granting access to the network. Such capabilities help to prevent unauthorized access and potential security breaches, which is a key objective of the NERC CIP framework.

Asset Inventory

Portnox delivers an accurate inventory of devices connected to the network, and provides visibility into the types of devices, their configurations, and their compliance status. This information is crucial for implementing the asset management requirements of the NERC CIP framework, which includes identifying critical cyber assets, tracking changes, and monitoring the cybersecurity posture of those assets.

Continuous Monitoring

Portnox's zero trust access control platform can continuously monitor all devices and users connected to the network, checking for compliance with security policies and detecting any anomalies or suspicious activities. This aligns with the NERC CIP requirements for monitoring and logging activities on critical systems and detecting potential cybersecurity incidents.

Incident Response

NAC can contribute to incident response efforts by providing real-time information about the devices and users on the network. In the event of a cybersecurity incident or a breach, NAC can help in identifying affected devices, isolating them from the network, and facilitating incident investigation and containment activities, which is consistent with the NERC CIP framework's incident response requirements.

Security Compliance

NAC solutions often offer features like network segmentation, encryption, and policy enforcement, which can help organizations meet the security controls outlined in the NERC CIP framework. By ensuring that devices and users adhere to security policies and standards, NAC assists in maintaining compliance with NERC CIP regulations.

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Easy & secure authentication enabled by Portnox's cloud RADIUS.

Securing your network will always be a priority, but it doesn’t need to be a drain on time and resources. With Portnox’s cloud RADIUS, companies can now efficiently and affordably authenticate to Wi-Fi, wired switches and network devices, as well as VPN while simplifying administration and enabling long-term scalability.

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