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AUTH as-a-Service

That's right, it's free!
  • Roll up your sleeves & test out our cloud-native authenticaton tools for up to 5 devices.
  • 5 device maximum

MAC Authentication Bypass

Dynamic VLAN / ACL Assignment

Post-Connect Authorization

Role-Based Access Policies

TACACS+ / AAA Services**

Knowledge Base Access

**1 Admin / 25 Devices

Starting at

USD / device / month
(billed annually)
  • Get started with our cloud RADIUS & authentication solutions - deployable in just 30 minutes.
  • 200 device minimum
Includes everthing in AUTH+


RADIUS Proxy Local Failover

RADIUS Forwarding

RadSec Support

Account Lifecycle Synchronization

Location-Based Policies

Azure AD Integration

Microsoft AD Integration

Standard Level Support

Standard Onboarding Services

*Sold in Packs of 10 Devices
**1 Admin / 100 Devices



Starting at

USD / device / month
(billed annually)
  • Sit back & relax with powerful, automated network & endpoint security essentials.
  • 200 device minimum
Includes everything in RADIUS +

Guest Access Management

Device Onboarding Services

Device Provisioning Services

Device Risk Monitoring & Remediation***

Guest & Compliance Reporting

Google Workspace Integration


MS Intune Integration

SIEM Integration (On-Prem)

Professional Level Support

Professional Onboarding Services

*Sold in Packs of 100 Devices
**2 Admins / 200 Devices
***Requires AgentP Add-On or MS Intune Integration

Starting at

Contact for Pricing
  • Take it up a level with next-gen NAC services for expanding enterpise networks.
  • 500 device maximum
Includes everything in Business +

Change of Authorization (CoA)

Multi-Regional RADIUS Redundancy

Certificate Authority (CA) Services

Certificate Enrollment Services

SMS-Based Onboarding

Onboarding Customization

MFA Admin Access

OKTA Integration

SIEM Integration (On-Prem & SaaS)


Enterprise Level Support

Enterprise Onboarding Services

*Sold in Packs of 100 Devices
**3 Admins / 300 Devices
***Requires AgentP Add-On or MS Intune Integration

Available Add-Ons

for RADIUS as-a-Service and NAC as-a-Service


(Self-Enrolled or Unattended)

Extended Guest Package

(50 Guests)

Additional SMS Package

(1,000 Messages)


(Tiered; Admins or Devices)

We've made life easier for thousands of IT pros.

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The NAC functionality you want is no longer out of reach.

Cloud RADIUS Services
Wireless, wired & VPN access x x x x
Anti-flood protection services x x x x
RadSec support x x x
RADIUS forwarding rules (eduroam support) x x x
Authentication Services
Role-based authentication x x x x
MAC authentication bypass x x x x
Account lifecycle synchronization x x x
Certificate authority services x
Account Directories
CLEAR Directory x x x x
Azure Active Directory x x x
MS Active Directory x x x
Google Workspace x x
OpenLDAP x x
802.1X authentication x x x x
Dynamic VLAN / ACL assignment x x x x
Post-connect authorization x x x x
Automated discovery x
Guest Accounts
Guest accounts Up to 25 guests per day Up to 50 guests per day
Self-onboarding for guests x x
Sponsor-based onboarding x x
SMS-based onboarding x
Portal customization kit x
Role-based access policies x x x x
Location-based policies x x x
Change of Authorization (CoA) x
Monitoring-only mode x x
Archived devices data retention 7 days 14 days 30 days 60 days
Dynamic group assignment per device type x x
IoT profiling x
Traffic monitoring x
Artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI / ML) x
Device self-onboarding & activation services x x
Device provisioning services x x
Onboarding customization x
Certificate enrollment services x
Onboarding services
Basic x
Advanced x
Premium x
White Glove $3,500 $3,500 $3,500
Device visibility report x x x x
Security compliance report x x
Guest utilization report x x
Additional Capabilies
RADIUS proxy - local failover x x x
Multi-regional RADIUS redundancy x
TACACS+ / AAA 1 admin / 10 devices 1 admin / 100 devices 2 admins / 200 devices 3 admins / 300 devices
SIEM On-premises On-premises / SaaS
MS Intune x x
MFA admin access (with SMS) x
Extended device data retention Each additional 30 days - $0.99 / device / year Each additional 30 days - $0.99 / device / year
Support level Knowledge Base Professional Professional Premium
Support level 10/5 excluding holidays x x
Add-on Packs
Extended guest package (50 guest) $ $ $
Additional SMS package (1,000 messages) $ $ $
TACACS+ / AAA $ $ $

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We want our partners to grow their businesses alongside us.

Our partners are an extension of our business. As such, Portnox’s Partner Program offers special pricing and incentives designed to award those partners committed to achieving our shared goal of securing network access for more and more companies around the world.


Yes, please contact Sales for information on volume discounts that may be applicable to you and your organization.

Absolutely! Not only is it possible, it is also how most customers deploy Portnox CLEAR in their environments.

Subscription terms are available in 12, 24, and 36 months. Additional discounts are available for terms longer than 12 months

We strive to ensure that you have the absolute best possible onboarding experience, regardless of which package you may purchase. However, some organizations may need some additional assistance or maybe don’t have time to invest in configuring a NAC solution. If you require additional onboarding assistance, please contact our sales department. They can help you determine what is the best onboarding tier for your needs.

Each TACACS+ as-a-Service license entitles you to one TACACS+ user and 100 TACACS+ devices. To determine which license size you need, simply count the number of TACACS+ users in your organization who will be accessing TACACS+ capable devices, such as switches, routers, etc. Then multiply that number by 100. If that number is less than the total number of TACACS+ capable devices, than take the total number of TACACS+ devices and divide by 100. This will give you the total number of TACACS+ licenses you will need to cover your environment.  

Yes. Portnox provides special educational discounts for qualifying K-12 and higher ed institutions. Please contact Sales for more information.

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