Frost & Sullivan NAC Report Names Portnox as Top Choice for Mid-Market

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“Easy NAC”… Easier said than done?

As you know, the enterprise network no longer sits within traditional and secured walls in offices. The enterprise intellectual property, data bases, workflows and communications have been moving in a perimeter-less environment for a while now, extending to any place where employees and data travel. Mobility, digitization, and IoT have changed the way we live and work, resulting in ever expanding networks and increasing complexities in resource management and disparate security solutions.

The fact that organizations are decentralizing has made it more important than ever to have solid network security and controls for every endpoint, no matter which access layer is being used to connect with the network. For this reason, having centralized and software-based network access controls (NAC) are more important than ever. No matter where your employees are connecting from and through which devices, no matter which contractors or guests are requesting access; IT security teams can now offer smooth continuity of workflows and productivity while maintaining full visibility and implementing security-controls on any endpoint accessing the enterprise network.

NAC Simplicity, Finally. 

Over here at Portnox, we must take all of the latest changes to the network into consideration as we continue to innovate and craft our solutions. It helps that the main focus point at Portnox has always been to deliver a simple experience to the end-user as well as the IT administrator. Portnox solutions simplify onboarding, operations and maintenance by offering simplified architecture in a centralized, software-based solution for easy deployment and management. Our team does not deal with physical appliances but rather delivers software solutions – whether using the on-prem or cloud options. All solutions function across all access layers, providing 100% coverage and visibility of the network and continuous risk-monitoring.

For these reasons, among the main NAC vendors, Portnox has been named the leader for network access control products in the category of midsize to large organizations with a 22% market share by global research firm Frost & Sullivan. In the new report, analyst Tony Massimini said: “Portnox’s simplified architecture, which supports both 802.1X authentication and SNMP based control, sets it apart from competitors.” A full copy of the report is available here.

The Frost & Sullivan report highlighted several Portnox innovations, including:

  • Agentless architecture (but includes optional agent) for specific use cases, including continuous risk monitoring for roaming devices, remote access and cloud access.
  • Vendor agnostic design that connects directly to network infrastructure equipment via native protocols
  • Support for both 802.1X and non-802.1X devices
  • Powerful RESTFul API which enables customers to automate threat response workflows
  • Unique, profiling (fingerprinting) technology

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) & Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Oftentimes, SMB to Large organizations turn to Managed Service Providers and Managed Security Service Providers (MSP/MSSPs) to handle their cyber security protective services.

In reviewing the key factors to growth in the NAC market in 2018, the report cited, among other things, the severe shortage in skilled security professionals that challenges all organizations, but more so the SMB-to-large segments than large enterprises. Next-generation NAC provides tools to offload many of the functions and automate workflows, thereby helping these organizations to overcome this shortage in skilled IT security professionals. At the same time, NAC will insert great relief to the many overworked and busy IT teams that are handling Network security and administration responsibilities.

This same automation and ease is extended to the management of customers by MSP/MSSPs. Portnox offers convenient and scalable NAC as-a-Service that allows MSP/MSSPs to serve their customers quickly, to keep track of what they are using and to handle growing organizations efficiently.


No matter the circumstances of the organization, Portnox is proud to offer a solution that is flexible and simple enough for anybody:

  • On premises Vs. cloud-delivered network security platforms
  • 802.1x protocols Vs. non-802.1X systems
  • Agentless Vs. agent (based on use case)

Read all about it in the full report available here.

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